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The festival

It is a cultural event organized by elParlante, an entity specialized in the design, implementation and evaluation of communication strategies that for several years has been developing community projects of a social nature. Among them there are the projects with older adults, campaigns and participatory short fiction films that empower older persons by using tools from Theatre and Audiovisual co-creation.

This Festival is unique as it seeks to create a cinematic meeting space that contributes to dismantle stereotypes about aging. La GRAN Pantalla Festival programmes stories that allow the audience to diversify existing views and narratives about older adults and it aims to put on screen different intersections such as ‘LGTBIQ+ older adults’, ‘racialized older adults’,’feminist older adults’, among others.

La GRAN Pantalla is not only a space for older adults but also an opportunity for an intergenerational meeting where reflections and discussions about aging and ageism are shared. Cinemes Girona in Barcelona city has been the festival host from its first edition in June 2019.

foto festival la gran pantalla